Black Friday Virgin Bonus

In the pre-Civil War era, especially during the 1800s, the day after Thanksgiving proclaimed for a Black Friday via plantation owners, was reserved for purchasing Afro-American slaves at incredible discounts. Winter was coming and large properties were in need of the additional labor strength for wood chopping, repairing, and other similar obligations. In some towns of Central America’s deep south, on the day after Thanksgiving, in the morning or noon, people would gather at the town’s square. Groups of slaves, 10 to 15 in numbers, connected with one big chain that had a metal ring wrapped around each of their necks, with hands tied behind their back, would be forced to climb on the stage so they could be clearly seen and examined by their potential buyers. Moderator with features of showman would climb the stage, say the name of slave-master, announce the prices and benefits in case of multiple purchases and step aside to give folks a minute or two. The most intriguing part of the tradition was known as a Black Friday virgin bonus.

There is even a Black Friday Slavery book that elaborated and proved the dark origins of the greatest shopping day in the world.

You can also read an interview with the author.


Slave Auction Sheet

What Was the Virgin Bonus During the Times of Slavery?

Slaves in the pre-Civil War United States were treated like chattel. Therefore, their owners were their absolute masters allowed by the law itself to decide about everything regarding their subjects, including things regarding life and death. A lord could, at any time, for no reason, decide to kill a slave(man, woman or a child) without a single legal consequence. This kind of social relation mostly pointed towards Afro-Americans, yet encompassing a small number of white slaves as well, in addition to many things, allowed masters to use submitted ones for sexual pleasures and freely trade with them for any purposes. Slaves intended to sexually please their lords were known as Pleasure Slaves.

Pleasure Slaves

Pleasure slaves were used for sexual pleasures and most of them were women. There were cases in which masters would prefer same-sex or situations in which white lady would be in charge of the house and enslaved men would be put to use. Orgies were not an unusual occurrence ether. Anyone of the submitted could be delegated a role of pleasure slave but usually, the duty was doled to the best looking Afro-American women. On the highest price were pretty black females that had never lied with a man – virgins. Some of them would be taken by their lords while the others were kept aside to be sold at incredibly high prices or added as Virgin Bonus on the day after Thanksgiving in a case of mass buying of slaves.

How Virgin Bonus Worked

As stated at the beginning of the article, in order to be examined, enchained slaves, 10 to 15 in number, would form a row on the stage and hold still while the moderator would speak of their main features. Then, the potential buyers were allowed to make their offers. But not everyone wanted to buy all of the slaves. Most of the time, the interest was reduced to the range between one and three strong men to replace the old ones or the ones that had died due to a disease or an execution. However, large households were usually interested in more but were very picky when it came to choosing new subjects and therefore were prone to take only the best ones from multiple masters. That is why the virgin bonus was invented. To motivate those of the highest wealth to purchase a full series of slaves and gain beautiful and untouched girl – a promising pleasure slave.

Virgin Market

Every value eventually leads to the creation of specialized markets. Rare but present, were the plantation owners that moved this business even a level further by making close auctions regarding not only single virgins but whole groups of them. Some secret societies that inclined towards old gods even committed so-called “Blood orgies” with dark-skinned females believing that pureblood will prolong their life.


The history of humankind is dark. While we will never be able to know how exactly did things happen it is important not to forget the concepts in which whole lives were reduced to chattel and submitted to the will of twisted minds risen to higher beings through self-proclamation based on pure madness.
Long live human rights.

  1. Yarelis says:

    Hi, I want I want to know the source in this information please. I want to share it but with the principal source information.

    • Black Friday History Team says:

      the source of information is the sum of overall history facts regarding slavery. Pleasure slaves, for example, existed in the old era as well as chattel slaves(degraded human beings equalized to objects). The mistreatment of servants is as old as humanity but its peak was reached only during the colonialization of Africa and slave importation in what was known as the Atlantic Slave Trade(16th-19th century). These were the times in which, by all historic sources, white Europeans imposed their will over Africans as ever they wanted. They were allowed to kill, rape or do whatever they please. The fact regarding rape unambiguously implies that slaves were, in addition to many things, used as instruments for sexual satisfaction. The next question based on pure logic is: “when during the whole history of humankind power and pleasures skipped the creation of market?” When it comes to sources, I would recommend many history books that go into detail about slavery. Then, checking Wikipedia, then searching articles that have opposing statements regarding the same topic. This article was written due to long-time research and comparing many different sources. If you are interested in proving or disproving the credibility of the article, I would recommend you to read about the Civil War first. It’s a breaking point good for gaining stating view of the overall conditions regarding social relations when it comes to slavery. One of the very best books about the formal stream of the war is linked to amazon at the end of this article. However, Black Friday History Team would like to encourage you the do a research of your own and check if there might be some more suitable start. In addition to this, we recommend reading the article about the so-called “Black Friday Slavery Myth”. In the end, Black Friday History Team would like to commend you for choosing to ask about sources before sharing information.
      With respect,
      BFH Team

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