Black Friday Fights and Duels

Race for items on sale, mall stampedes and fights became a part of the tradition of the day known as the greatest shopping day in the world – Black Friday. Sometimes, the fights we see are the escalations of previous grudges which coincidentally take place on Black Friday below the ceilings of mals. But most of the time, physical conflicts are the consequence of two or more people wanting to take the last product. Since we see a specific type of behavior that occurs annually and is triggered by the sale offerings, we should approach this phenomenon from the context of consumerism psychology. First, let’s take a look at the fight below.


Black Friday Lady Fight

As you have seen for yourself two ladies were brawling on the ground, pulling each other’s hair and shouting. Luckily, they were separated before anyone got hurt.

Why did the fight start?

There are speculations about what caused girls to attack each other. Allegedly, this isn’t a product ripping fight but the settling of a previous grudge or, more precisely, girl fight over a boyfriend. At least those were the statements that started circling over social networks right after this fight had happened. On the other hand, it is more probable that they engaged in conflict over some product. Maybe a present for the lucky guy. Whatever we chose to believe, the consequence is still the same – savage behavior. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case.

Shopping Chaos Compilation – It Never Ends

One day we give thanks for what we have. Another day, we step over each other’s heads in a stampede to get the things we don’t have.

How Far Could Things Go?

This is a highly important question. We are very aware that there are deaths on Black Fridays. There is even a website specialized for tracking the fatality record. This fact is the indicator of how damaging had consumerism became towards people lives and dignity. This value system is ruthlessly putting the objects above people. There is no better confirmation of this statement then the videos before and ahead of this statement.

Another Example of Black Friday Mandess

On youtube, there is an endless array of video clips about the shopper’s madness and fights people encounter in while they are in the state of narrowed conscious. Most of the comments on social networks are of judging nature saying how it is shame to see how low human beings can drop. But the fact is that on a Black Friday some malls have more raging consumers than the youtube videos about them have comments. Could it mean that the mob psychology is the dominant state of mind when it comes to the full population? One of the most disturbing parts is yet to come.

Sometimes Even Children Get Involved in the Fights

Here, you can see the child going away from the brawl.

In the clip below, a little kid is being ripped of his possesions.

And now, for the Grand Finale – a young boy helping his mother in a fight.

Children in the Mals – Irresponsible Parenting?

In the videos above we can see kids witnessing and taking part in some both illegal and life jeopardizing activities. This envokes a question of parenting – is it irresponsible to take a child in a mall on Black Friday considering awareness of what is going on.

Chaos in the Mals – Irresponsible State?

If parents chose to keep their kids away from the mals does it mean learning them to accept that they will grow up and live in countries were illegal activities or law brakings will go unpunished? By all means, it is bad for kids to observe the occurrences of the shopping madness but maybe it’s even worse for them to forfeit their rights on being normal shoppers that, with dignity, buy what they want for their money without the danger of being stripped away for their goods. Or being forced to help their mothers and fathers in fights like the ones we saw.

During the mall fights…

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