Black Friday Marriage Therapy - Jenny at the Psychiatrist

Jenny and Laura had entered Linda’s office and stumbled onto the sofa. Linda looked happy to see them but ladies didn’t seem so eager to say hello. “So ladies”, Linda started: “How can I help you?” Air felt heavy in the room. After a few silent moments, Laura opened her mouth.

Before she managed to say anything Jenny’s voice took over: “Why was Josh in the mall this morning?” Linda said nothing. “Did you tell him?! Linda! Did you tell Josh to go to the mall?”

“And did you tell him to go to our mall so he would saw us together?”, Laura added.

“God! What’s wrong with you. I would never do anything to harm you. We are on the same team… Remember?”, Linda answered. She sounded shocked. And looked like that too.

“So did you tell Josh to go to the mall or not?”, Jenny repeated.

“You know I can’t tell you that. It psychiatrist patient confidentiality”, Linda replied.

“What!?!?!”, Jenny and Laura shouted at the same time. If there are telepathic bonds, then wife and mistress must have created one at that moment, feeling like they were being showered with ice.

“Did you hear what she’s just said!?”, Jenny was almost shrieking.

Laura: “I am not sure. Maybe we’ve imagined it.”

“Maybe”, Jenny agreed. She took a deep breath, turned her sharp green eyes towards Linda and asked: “Did you tell Josh to go to the mall?”

“I’ve just told you. It’s confidential”, psychiatrists answered calmly.

“Is she serious. Is this woman serious”, Jenny desperately shouted switching her view between Linda and Laura. Laura didn’t say anything. “After all you did”, Jenny continued: “You are going to talk about doctor-patient confidentiality.”

“Well… It’s like that. And it always was. I never told you anything about Josh that would jeopardize his secrets. But that should make you feel comfortable with me. You know that your secrets will be kept safe. I mean, would you go and give your money to a bank that opens her treasury to its friends?”, Linda finished.

“You were literally my pimp”, Jenny said.

“And mine”, Laura confirmed.

“And now”, Jenny continued: “After you pimped us to your patient, you decide that it is time to start respecting trust between… How do you call it!?”

“Doctor-patient confidentiality”, said Lina.

“Are you insane?” Jenny asked. “It happens”, she continued: “Listening to the other people’s problems from morning to evening all day every day. People flip off…”

“Relax”, a wide smile covered Linda’s face: “I am just teasing you.”

“Go to hell!”, Jenny shouted while her lips were going wide. Soon three of them were laughing like comedy channel.

At some point, Linda put her serious face back on and said: “I am glad that I have succeeded in making you laugh. It’s a good thing to ease the shock of bad news I am about to tell you.” Ladies stopped laughing and with disbelief looked at Linda. “Sorry to tell you this, but Josh is broke.” “Whaaaaaat!”, ladies started screaming.

“It can’t be. There must be some other explanation!”, Jenny kept repeating.

“It all started two years ago”, Linda begun. When she had finished the story of Josh’s financial crash everything she said matched perfectly. His problem truly did start two years ago when he began postponing the thanksgiving presents and did not resolve. The breaking point for Jenny was an acknowledgment of their penthouse being under the mortgage. In addition to that, Josh was late with payments for full two months which meant that it was just a question of time when they were going to be thrown out on the street. Similar facts applied to Laura and her luxury hotel room. Jenny’s arms were shaking while silent tears went out of her eyes gliding over her face, leaving tin trails over the makeup she put on in the restaurant. Mistress was way calmer than the wife. And she did have a bunch of objective reasons not to panic. She was only 24 while Jenny was at the edge of 37. Plus, she put a lot of money Josh gave her aside. Jenny, on the other hand, was a kind of person that instantly spends everything she gets. And although she was beautiful, she knew that she couldn’t compete with younger girls anymore. Well… She actually could but letting herself once more into the arena of a rich man catching would be like walking on too thin ice. Yet, what else could she do? At that moment, Jenny was only able to ask Linda for pills: “Do you have anything for me to calm down. Please?”

“Yes. Good news”, Linda said. “This too was the part of therapy which both of you ladies agreed on. Josh is not broke. Actually, from what I hear, he is richer than ever before.” Jenny stopped crying. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“What are you talking about? You have just told us that he is broke?”, said Laura.

“Yes, I did. But to calm two of you down and make you realize that there were way worse scenarios in which your life could turn than the one you are facing.”

“You are mad!”, Jenny shouted, raised her arms, ran into the Linda and hugged her: “But I still love you!” After the exchange of gentleness and relief, Linda started explaining what was really going on.

“Explained in simple words, Josh despises himself… And he feels that way because he did not become what he always dreamed of. Any of you two know what that is?” Ladies silently stared at Linda. “Relax girls. We are not in school. You don’t have to feel uncomfortable if you don’t know the answer. Wanna hint?” They didn’t say anything. “Alright. I will take that as a no. So drums please… He wanted to be… A football star!” Jenny and Laura burst into laughter.

“Josh! A football star. Are you serious!?”, Jenny shouted with face turned from shock pale into a red flare color. “With his height and weight he could have been a pocket start”, Laura added giggling.

“Well… If he was here I don’t think he would take kindly to your statement”, said Linda: “Nevertheless, despite being aware of his reality Josh is having a hard time accepting that his high school and college football star fantasies are never gonna come to life. And he is, by all means at his disposal, trying to identify himself with American football players.”

Jenny: “And how does that connects with him buying us cheap jewelry in the mall.”

“Well, I was just coming to that part”, Linda continued: “You see, together with being unhappy with himself he started questioning… How did he call it?! Oh yes. The nature of possessions. And he came to the conclusion that he has a privilege of hanging out with you two only because he is filthy rich.”

“Why does he feel like that?”, Laura sounded surprised: “I am sure that I never did anything to make him feel like that.”

“Oh yes…”, Linda cut her: “Don’t do that thing with deep breathing and falling into trance when he touches you. He hates it!”

Laura: “I thought he adores it.”

“Well, he is not that stupid”, said Jenny: “He is aware that his touch isn’t the messenger of orgasm.”

“And regarding you, beloved wife”, Linda started: “You should borrow some of Laura’s breath because he feels and I quote like I am having sex with the ice mummy.” Laura started laughing while Jenny’s face went completely malformed.

“Ice… Well it’s not my fault he is not capable of starting a little fire”, Jenny said: “And how does that connect us with the mall.”

“I am coming to that right now. So, he knows he can’t satisfy your needs which is making him feel like he is not up to you. As a male. I will quote again, sometimes I just feel like I am not the alpha they deserve.” Ladies laughed and shook like they were put on an electric chair. “And that is why he started both hating and despising you.”

“Whaaaaaat!”, Jenny screamed: “He despises us because little Willy won’t come out of coma after a full hour of mouth to mouth revival.”

“You are so evil”, Laura said tapping Jenny’s shoulder.

“No, I am not. I am not a bad person and I am not going to let other people’s inabilities to put me down. End of discussion”, Jenny concluded.

“Yes… You are in title to let or not let him puts you down but you live of his kindness. So, you should be careful. He had never before been in any similar psychological state, and since I never saw him like this we are exploring completely new territory. Yes, be patient. I am coming to that part. So in that hate and despise he was considering leaving you but I suggested vengeance as more appropriate action.”

“Vengeance for what?”, Laura asked. “For not being the alpha male”, Linda replied.

“Yes. How very nice of you. Quote of the day folks!!! Linda Smith, a famous motivational coach with her revolutionary advice for all insecure men. Hit female to become the alpha male!”, Jenny was shouting. She looked like she was gonna jump out of the sofa and hit the sealing. Her face turned red and eyes once again filled with tears that came to an edge of breaking out. She was known by a fiery temper but these ups and downs were too much even for her. It was like every action she took, whether it was talking, shouting, whispering or being silent, had an additional exclamation point at the end. Linda noticed it but she still didn’t want to raise that question.

Linda: “Sweety. Relax. I did it for you. It’s better to be despised then poor. I told him, that he isn’t thinking clearly and that leaving you could later bring enormous regrets without possibility to set things as they were. So, I proposed to him.”

“To buy us cheap jewelry”, Laura cut Linda: “So he could feel like he is hurting us and by doing that he tastes the feeling of power. And the feeling of power will make him feel more alpha and less. Well… Joshy… ” Jenny laughed.

“Well said”, Linda applauded: “You did study psychology after all. In addition to hurting you without telling you, I told him that he should try to change himself. Maybe even try taking some football classes. And believe it or not, he listened to me. And before six months he started taking wrestling lessons.”

“He did trim a little bit…”, said Jenny and after few moments of silence, covering her face with a shiny smile, she exclaimed: “Oh my god Linda you gotta hear what happened today in the mall.” She started talking about Josh’s fight with the Chinese guy describing it to the smallest detail. Three of them laughed as crazy until, Jenny all of a sudden, just started crying.

“Sweety… What’s wrong”, Linda asked gently putting her hand over Jenny’s shoulder. Laura filled a glass of water. They started telling the wife that there is no reason to cry or be sad, assuring her that everything will be fine. Eventually, Jenny said that she doesn’t exactly know why she was crying. Linda asked her when was her last period? Jenny drank water, calmed and started counting. They established it was almost two months ago.

“Exactly last time when you were repainting the living room”, said Laura.

“Well… Josh always wanted a kid. We should celebrate. I am going to get champagne”, Linda said: “Kid will definitely make him feel more alpha.”

“Did you forget?”, Laura looked Linda.

“Oh…”, a psychiatrist then remembered the party breaking fact. Yet, Linda decided to stay optimistic while Jenny went from hysteric to shock-calm state: “Sweety… It doesn’t necessarily have to mean that. It’s genes after all. He could be as white as snow and Josh are.”

“Or he could be black as night”, Jenny barely spoke.

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