Black Friday Fairy Tales – Eve Joins the Party

Long dark hair covered her breasts as she was walking through the Halloween swirl in a costume of nakedness. Her deep black eyes wandered over the houses. She was crossing the street from one side to another, dodging giants, leprechauns, mages, witches, supermen, ironmen, wonder-women and other marvel and non-marvel entities. Angerly mumbling ill words of her irresponsible husband who should have waited for her at the beginning of the street she was blindly walking forward. At some moment a large noise came from her back. She turned around and saw a naked male running towards her. While he was still far for a moment a beam of hope rushed through her.

“Maybe he did come after all”, she whispered.

Only a few seconds later, after seeing three policemen chasing him she had realized that it is just another group of masked kids playing on Halloween evening. It took her for centuries to make Adam take just one bite of an apple. He truly didn’t like what came out of knowing new taste so he pledged himself to never break any rule again. Hence, there was no way that he would let himself throw gum in the street, let alone do something that would bring him in conflict with the law and make police chase him.

“Trick or treat! Trick or treat! Trick or treat!”, shouts of kids were coming from everywhere.

In her absence, she stumbled upon a man. Man’s back, to be more precise.

He was shorter than the average, wearing a visibly oversized long gray coat that was almost touching the ground. After the bald head had switched its back for a face she noticed the big nose between tiny eyes separated from reality by a massive glass of malformed eyeglasses.

Black Friday Strange Tales

“Pinokio? Is that you?”

“Very funny!”

“What’s so funny?”

“Don’t test me, child! I will call your parents and tell them about your behavior!”

“Sorry! It looks like I have taken you to be somebody else”, said she, with that chirpy voice.

“No candies. Go along”, said he.

“I don’t want candies. I am not here for that.”

“Then what are you here for?”

“Allegedly this is the street in which a lawyer specialized in suing my father lives.”

“Yes. He is in this house. I have just left the lawyer’s office. But he has nothing to do with family matters!”

“Ah… I have heard differently. I heard that he is specialized in”

“Why do you want to sue your father?”

“Long story. First I want to sue him for not letting me wear any clothes.”


“Trick or treat! Trick or treat! Trick or treat!”

“Yes. He didn’t let me wear any clothes. And he threw out me and my husband when I made myself shorts out of leafs.”

“Oh my God!”, the man seemed terrified.

“That’s right. He took his own son and daughter and kicked them out of the house.”

“Trick or treat! Trick or treat. Trick or treat!”

“Wait a second now…”, the man fell into the pit of confusion.

“Relations in our family are complicated. People tend to get confused very easily. You know, brother husband stuff and all that…”, said she raising her palm: “I’m Eve by the way. What is your name.”

“Seymour”, said the man gently gripping her palm.

“Is that a name or a surname?”, Eve asked.

“Trick or treat! Trick or treat! Trick or treat!”

“I… Wait a sec. To have one for a husband and a brother. Naked children and the mighty father. Oh my God!”, Seymour quickly turned his look to the side. “You are not wearing a costume. You are Eve.”

“Yes. People tend to misplace me with others… Before it was easy to make a distinction but today. I mean how many ladies wear anything. What’s wrong?”, Eve asked noticing Seymour’s struggling to look aside. “Why aren’t you looking at me while we speak.”

“You are… You have no clothes.”

“So typical! A woman can never please a man. No matter if it’s her father, brother or husband. It’s always something. I mean, a just put on panties and father throws me out. Then, when I took them off and wanted to return I was called ‘s-l-u-t’ by husbands and brothers. And I had enough of it. I want to sue my father for molesting. Is there a lawyer or not?”

“Yes, there is a lawyer. I have just been there and he will help me sue God. And he will help you, I am sure. But he is over for tonight. You should come again tomorrow.”

“Oh”, Eve seemed disappointed. “It’s a long time to wait until sunrise… And I have no place to sleep.”

“You can stay at my place”, Seymour instantly replied. He considered the way of saying hist last word overly excited which made him feel shame. In addition, he accidentally turned his look towards Eve for a second. It was more than enough time for his glance to swallow all of that sweet indecency and make his face blush like a volcano.

“Thanks! That would really mean a lot to me”, Eve answered. “Are you alright?”


“What’s wrong! Oh, just please don’t tell me that you feel shame. And if you do stop feeling it. No god has ever come from being shy.”

“It’s getting late. We should go”, Seymour said and started walking. Eve took his arm and all the children froze into place staying voiceless as they witnessed Seymour leading a woman to his house. When the door closed Halloween continued.

Author: Nikola Misovic

Instagram: nikolamisovic239

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