Why People Like Sales so Much?

Seemingly easy question why people like sales so much has more to itself than the first glance would allow you to notice. The expected answer would be it’s because people can buy things they need cheaper than usual. But is that really the case?

Truth Recheck

Let’s examine the answer one more time. The sentence people can buy things they need cheaper than usual has four key parts.

Key points:

  • Need
  • People
  • Cheaper
  • Usual


The process of shopping and therefore the whole market is founded on the human need for something. But in the modern world, the concept of need has exceeded the existential essentials by long shot and turned into greed for pleasures. Most of the time, people could both survive and live without things they are so eager to buy so they make stampedes and engage fights we witness every Black Friday. It is because of the keyword people.


People are emotional beings and their behavior is influenced by emotion far more than they are aware of. In addition to that, most of the features of our personalities have their foundations deep in the subconscious which may be both hard to understand and explore.


Cheaper is the easy part. The fact that prices go down creates the illusion of gain that is going to be achieved through the shopping.


The human brain is designed both to notice patterns and deviations. When it gets used to a certain pattern the difference is the phenomenon that will pull our attention towards something.

Real Result – Answer on Why People Like Sales

When we combine emotions fit for manipulation, need that is masked into greed, the illusion of gain and the eye-poking difference in prices there is no wonder why we have a bunch of people trampling each other to buy things they don’t really need in even more needless amounts and spend way more money than they have.


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