When Do People Spend More: Black Friday or Halloween?

Black Friday is considered for the greatest shopping day in the world while Halloween is responsible for one-quarter of all the candy sold annually in the U.S. That brings us to the question of which of these to days is the bigger culprit when it comes to impulsive purchasing and overspending.

Sales on Halloween

One-quarter of annually sold candies means that purchase on Halloween reaches an astonishing $2.6 billion dollars. The average spending is 25$ per person. However, costumes are not included in this sum. They affect people’s wallets even more. The esteemed spending on outfits and masks exceeds $3 billion. To make a round number and say Halloween is responsible for $6 billion worth spending would be an underestimate as we still need to include decorations for the houses and yards as well as pumpkins. That would be an additional $2.7 billion. With that being said, the full effect of Halloween goes higher than $8 billion.

Sales On Black Friday

Black Friday is considered for the greatest shopping day in the world for a good reason. In 2019, Black Friday sales reached an astonishing $7.2 billion in the U.S. When compared to digit eight associated with Halloween it would seem that the biggest shopping day is the title unjustly taken. However, the consumption regarding Halloween does not happen in a single day but in a period of 72 hours preceding the holiday. The same does not apply for Black Friday. Hundreds of millions of people go shopping in famous stampede malls and push spendings sky-high. This fact makes Black Friday the victor.

Which day do you like better: Black Friday or Halloween?

Black Friday


I love both days

I hate both days

Those two days make no differrence to me

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