Tips On How To Really Save Money During Black Friday

At first, the question of how to save money during Black Friday sales might seem unnecessary. It’s sale day and everything is cheaper but despite that fact, people often tend to spend way more than they have planned which sometimes even results in diving into the debts.

Illusion of Gain

We all like sales because of the opportunity to save money by buying things we need for prices cheaper than the usual. Unfortunately, there is large discord between above mentioned average consumer perception and reality. Most of the things promoted in sales are not the essentials without which our lives couldn’t function in a normal manner. The existence of some products was not even known to individuals who after seeing a few commercials decided to use low prices for purchasing them. Sales are based on gain psychology. Therefore, sales are promoted in such a manner to create an illusion of gain in the perception of the consumer and push him on spending. It is in human nature to seek opportunities and size them when possible. In the modern world where almost everything turns around money a mere thought on the possibility of gaining some kind of financial advantage possesses strong gravity towards its realization on both conscious and subconscious levels.

The Illusion of Gain Strategy – Chunks of Reality

Regarding sales, the illusion of gain is served through the chunks of reality. If you have a broken toaster that cost you 50$ and you purchase a new one for 30$ then you have gained a real advantage. You are in a plus of 20$. But if you, ex-basketball player, in addition to the toaster see a wrestling suit with a 90% lower price of 25$ and decide to buy it together with a 35$ cosmonaut helm then you become a victim of the illusion of gain. For now, your minus is only 40$ but things can get really ugly when tv-s, tablets and, laptops are involved. That is why it is highly important to think about how to really save money during Black Friday Sales.

Tips On How To Use Sales To Save Money

It’s not rocket science to pass through Black Friday shopping madness with account result turned to your favor. All you need is a little thinking and a bit of self-control practice.

Here are some useful tips:

  • Set your spending limit.
  • Make a buying list independent of your spending limit. Define all you need.
  • Purchase items from your list only to the point of your previously defined spending limit.
  • Compare sales prices to normal prices. After this action, you might want to commit a restructuring of your list. For example, an item that has second priority might be down for only 20% while a whole three or four lower priority items that were out of your spending limit range might go below 90% of their normal price. In normal conditions, those four items would be way more expensive than the one you could now skip. Later you could resell purchased items, by the one you considered more important and even earn additional money. It is an example of real gain.
  • Don’t let shopping swirl carry you.
  • Eliminate the mass effect and forbid yourself to be another victim of mob psychology.

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