How Does Black Friday Affect Our Society?

One day after expressing gratitude for things they have People gather in large crowds and create stampedes in which they trample over each other in order to acquire things they don’t. This fact naturally brings us to the question of how does Black Friday affect our societies?

Understanding the Black Friday Phenomenon

Black Friday is much more than a favorable shopping day for those who want to save some money. It is an indicator of a large part of the mass consciousness that alerts us of the highly volatile state of consumerism psychology. Maybe even addiction people have developed towards spending. And no addiction is healthy.

Gratitude to Greed Transfer

As stating in the first sentence of this article, one-day people are giving thanks and after midnight they rush into the malls and fight for items on sales. It is clear that material greed is the base layer of modern human psychology. Almost every other living aspect of life is just a mask easily removed by the opportunity to satisfy primary urges. The concepts of dignity, ethics, and even law respecting are crushed in a shopping madness collision.

Why It Is Essentially Bad?

There are at least a couple of reasons.

Degradation Of Humanity

The reason why it is so bad is that adults are giving a highly negative example to children. Pushing, pulling and running over each other. Fighting and injuring. Even dying due to the consequences of this unacceptable behavior. Kids and teenagers are like sponges. They observe and absorb. And with having their parents being part of mall stampedes how bright is the future of a nation? Some of them will realize it is wrong and learn of their parent’s mistakes but the vast majority will follow the examples their elders have given them. Few generations in advance, and freedom-fighting legacy that established many nations will fade before consumerism fights and duels reducing human beings to their possessions.

Descend to Animality

Destroy the spirituality and there will be inevitable descend to animality. Unfortunately, fulfilling urges by all means necessary, as the main philosophy, at this moment, would raise the possibility of catastrophe due to our technological abilities.

Beauty Eater – Mental Diseases Will Spread

Material goods are important, but only to the point, they help us size conditions for happiness. If they become purpose rather then the instruments that help us achieve it, the never-ending hunger deepened by hyper-production will consume our lives. Depression and anxieties will spread in even greater ranges.


Black Friday concept and consumerism as its base are almost as old as human civilization is. Wars, after all, are products of groups colliding in an attempt to gain more of the things they want. But today, with high technology at our disposal, and therefore the ability to inform ourselves and learn, we should try to do better than before.

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