Black Friday Shopping Fight Over Toilet Paper

It is widely known that Black Friday sales fill shopping malls with a lot of people willing to do almost anything to get things they don’t have for a better price. Stampedes in which people trample on each other together with fights in which, sometimes, even children get involved are one of the main features of the greatest shopping day in the history of humanity. In this madness deaths are not an unusual phenomenon. So far there have been more than 80 fatal outcomes and there is even a website called that stores records of victims of raging consumerism.

Dignity Devourer – Black Friday True Face

Black Friday is widely spoken of as a day on which the lowest of humanity manifests itself. While at some parts of the world children are starving shopping malls turn into arenas in which people tear each other apart to get tv-s or cellphones for a few bucks cheaper. But the top of tragically bizarre is the famous battle for “Toilet Paper”.

Battle For Toilet Paper

The battle for toilet paper took its place in the year 2016 on November 28 in one South African mall. People gathered around the metal box in which toilet paper was crammed. The mob grabbed the box, shook it and would tear it apart for sure if there wasn’t for mall worker who positioned herself inside the box to regulate the distribution of the product. Videoclip below lasts a bit more than a minute and shows just the beginning of a fight that took place on a parking lot behind the mall.


Parking Lot Arena

There are no credible pieces of evidence for preceding text but the statements of self-proclaimed eyewitnesses circling throughout the social media claim that a slim short mail attacked lady with two packages of toilet paper. He grabbed one package and started pulling it. The lady didn’t want to let it go so it riped and more than ten chunks of backside cleaning instruments were rolling through the parking. People ran to take what they could for free while the lady’s husband had gone out of the car and engaged in the fight with the attacker. Soon, the brawl turned into everyone vs everyone fight that lasted for around ten minutes. Then the police arrived and ended the chaos. Luckily, no one was seriously injured.

Status On Toilet Paper Fight

Toilet Paper Fight

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