Black Friday Manual for Mall Stampedes

In last decades not a single Black Friday went without mall stampedes. Day after giving thanks for things they have people gather in large crowds, wait for mall doors to open and fences to pull up so they can rush into the swirl of shopping madness and gain ownership over items that are out of their possessions. Trampling, injuries, fights, and sometimes even deaths take place when consumerism urges reach its peak. Rather than to speak of why this kind of behavior should be avoided and watch it happen, here are some tips on how to make it easier for yourself and the others, avoid conflicts and gain an advantage in gathering targeted items.

Key Tips For Gaining Advantage

Factors that are to be taken into consideration when creating a “Rush Shopping Strategy” are:

  • The stampede pressure.
  • Possible adrenaline rush.
  • Intermittent ripping attempts from all sides: back, front, left, right.
  • Size, mass, and amount of the targeted item/items.

Make a Plan

Due to these factors, it is very to make a plan and stick to it.

Stampede Pressure

Stampede pressure is an inevitable part of Black Friday Shopping madness in every larger mall known for good offers. On first thought, people will usually conclude that it is best to be first. That is not far from the truth since keeping that position means putting your hands first on the wanted item. But there are also some disadvantages to this. Everyone wants to take down the champion.

Size Does Matter – Large Products

If it is some larger item like plasma tv inside a box there will be ripping attempts. Especially when it comes to situations in which the products are low in number. In that case, the third line of the crowd is might get very aggressive and try to rip the box out of your hands. Sure there are mall workers and security but they most probably aren’t gonna be able to control everything that happens in the swirl of shopping madness. There are cameras too, but the lawsuit and court are out of the scope of this article. Since you don’t want to break any law third line for the “hit and run” opportunity is out of limits. Assuming you were in the first lines, after taking the box don’t turn to go back but try going forward. If there is nowhere forward to go, then stick to the wall. Take a squat position and put the product between your body and the wall. Wait until the madness ends and then go to cash it out.

Small Products Strategy

If it’s about small products, you should carry your leather bag, set it in front of yourself and push the items in. In this case, you can rush through the crowd back to the cashier and finish purchases.

Multiple Large Product Strategy

If you are planning on buying multiple large products you should engage in shopping in a group. Family members preferred. If products are large and massive you can create a pile next to the wall and form a body ring around it.

Take Rest and Learn to Fall the Right Way

If you decide to engage in mall stampede be sure to do it rested. You will need strength to keep yourself on the feet. However, if you do fall remember to take a fetal position and cover your head with arms. Try to put yourself on the back so your spine stays unexposed to the other shopper’s feet. If you can’t do it then at least try to set your back in the direction opposite to the one stampede is coming from.

Adrenaline Rush

It is very possible that all this pushing, yelling and even fighting will produce the adrenaline. That is why, before entering the Black Friday Shopping madness you need to repeat your plan and stick to it. Impulsive actions might create more chaos and damage you.

No Kids!

By all means, avoid bringing kids to the malls on Black Fridays. There were cases in which even younglings were ripped off for what they were holding. Sometimes, they engaged in fights to help their parents. And above all, stampedes are too dangerous. Child safety must have a priority.

Black Friday Stampede Manual



All these tips are created so you can manage trough Black Friday with no or little consequences. Don’t engage in fights or ripping attempts. But guard what is yours. If you see somebody down, help him get up. Human life is more valuable than a good deal. After all, you have been living without the products before. Therefore, you will manage without them after.

Black Friday History team wishes you a happy shopping.


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