Black Friday Comedy Movies – Laugh Instead Of Fight

You might have decided to stay home instead of going to some of the shopping malls and engage in stampedes for items you might not be able to afford at their usual price. That is absolutely okay because there are many things you could do on this day. One is watching some Black Friday comedy movies and spend your time laughing instead of fighting.

Why Moves Are Better Option Than the Shopping Mall

There is more than one reason why staying home and watching moves is a better decision. Here are some of them:

  • Respecting the law. While sitting or lying on your sofa with head forged to screen you aren’t breaking any law like during fighting or ripping products out of other people’s hands.
  • You can watch it with your kids. If you have kids you can enjoy some R rated move together. However, if you have chosen to go to the mall, it would be highly irresponsible, even dangerous, to take your younglings for a company. Many times children get attacked during stampedes or even engage in fights to help their parents.
  • Have a nice time. In the mall, due to all that buzz and potential failure in acquiring wanted items, your mood could seriously lower down. However, if you stay home and watch some comedies, with choosing the right move, simile may become your default facial expression for almost two hours.
  • You can eat sweets without being afraid that someone will push you down and make you the victim of mob trample.

What Movies to Watch?

After you have decided to stay home a new question emerges. What movies to watch?

Here are some of our recommendations linked to the synopsis:

If you, for some reasons don’t want to watch movies, then you can just go to You-tube and play Black Friday fights videos. The effect will have similar consequences.

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