Black Friday Boycott Call – Shopping or Not?

Since obscure but potentially dark past of Black Friday, today known for great deals offered to consumers, mall stampedes, fights injuries and even deaths, a single question emerges – Should we all boycott Black Friday or, like every year, rush into the shopping swirl?

Potentially Dark Past

Many have heard about the rumors that start circling over social media at the beginning and the middle of November. These rumors are stating that Black Friday originated from slave selling day in the pre-Civil War era. While many historians claim that there are no credible pieces of evidence to support such claims, there are different opinions regarding the topic. For example, the article titled Truth About Black Friday Slavery Myth reveals some more than credible facts that say exactly the opposite.

If Black Friday did originate as the post-thanksgiving tradition of selling slaves at large discounts then any participation in it enhances the acceptance of tradition that degraded human lives for centuries.

Find out the Truth about Black Friday Slavery Myth

Unambiguously Dark Present

While the past scattered in the ashes of history, dispersed throughout the air on winds of time, is debatable, present is not. The mass behavior of people, while shopping swirl lasts, is one of many extensions of now already highly developed cancer of modern civilization. Degradation of humanity and basic decency cannot be denied after only having a short glance on stampedes and fights inside the malls where even children become targets of attacks and item ripping attempts. The internet is overflowed with black Friday fights and duels. Google search query for this term gives more than nine million results. There was even an occasion in which people engaged in the battle over toilet paper.

Why We Should Boycott Black Friday

After briefly stating two facts about the past and the present nature of this day it is quite easy to extract multiple reasons in favor of ignoring Black Friday:

  • Leaving participation in the enhancement of tradition based on enslaving people.
  • Giving a good example to children that there is more to life than achieving a successful deal on the market.
  • Showing to offsprings that they should not engage in crowds and become parts of the mass effect which will degrade their personality and destroy their individuality.
  • Respect the law. And the law is sure to be broken through behavior that encompasses trampling others, fighting and ripping products out of other people’s hands.

Instead of mall stampedes, you can get together with your kids and watch some family comedy.


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