The Maddest Facts About Shopping

Shopping was part of everyday lives since the first organized societies that date back seven thousand years ago. During this time many strange and insane things happened in the world related to shopping. Here we present to you the maddest facts about shopping which will make you laugh or cry:

  1. In the U.S. there are more shopping malls than schools.
  2. On average, ladies make 301 trips to the store annually. They spend almost 400 hours a year shopping.
  3. Almost half of Americans are going to go shopping on Black Friday.
  4. Pacific island Vanuatu is the place where some villages still use seashells and pigs as a currency.
  5. Catholic church sold indulgences that allowed people to repent for their sins and reduce their time in purgatory for millions of years.
  6. The most bizarre expensive product ever to be set for the sale is golden toilet paper with a price going over a million.
  7. North Corea and Cuba are the only two places where you can’t but Coca-Cola.
  8. The biggest online shopping day is not Cyber Monday. It is a single-day in China. It takes place on the 11th of November that is used to encourage singles to buy themselves a gift. The sales go over 38 million bought articles.
  9. In the pre-Civil War U.S., some parts of the deep south used the day after Thanksgiving to make discounted selling of slaves. It is possibly how Black Friday got its name.
  10. On Black Friday ten percent of shoppers are drunk or under the effect of some drug.
  11. Black Friday shopping madness induces people to trample over each other for the things they don’t have only a few hours after they have expressed gratitude for what they do have.
  12. Did you know that a guy bought a planet in a video game called Entropia? The company negotiated the price of the planet which was eventually sold for six million dollars.
  13. Coronavirus created a whole new industry. But the stupidest purchases related to were those of black cotton masks. The masks were black, made of cotton, with a little AJ sign on the middle, and cost 1000 dollars. All series of 10 000 were sold.
  14. Norway is the only country in the world that considered putting children’s paintings on the background of their bills. However, they decided against it because people agreed that money needs to hold on to a certain level of seriousness.
  15. The first money ever used wasn’t coins but tokens.
  16. The Bible is the best-selling book of all time. It had been sold in more than 5 billion copies.
  17. Gone With the Wind is the most profitable movie ever made. When adjusted for inflation, it made roughly $3.5 billion.
  18. On Black Friday in South Africa people engaged in fights over toilet paper.
  19. From 2010-2020 Black Friday caused 14 deaths and 17 injuries.
  20. In 2014, a man stabbed his co-worker at Costco.
  21. Bugatti La Voiture Noire is the most expensive car in the world costing an incredible $12,500,000.
  22. Maybe the most bizarre products ever to be sold are the ones in the museum of invisible art. A famous actor sold his invisible statue for 20 000$.
  23. At some point, the U.S. government considered banning superman costumes to be sold because kids wearing them would jump of windows believing that they were going to fly.

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