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Black Friday on Easter - Funny Bunny Fight

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This Easter Bunny maybe lost a track of time and thought it's Black Friday.

Brief Overview of Slavery in South Africa

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Find out how did slavery in South Africa look like...

Black Friday Virgin Bonus

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Find out what was the Black Friday Virgin Bonus...

Is South Africa a Victim of Tornado Conspiracy?

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Might it be that rise in the number of tornadoes in South Africa during last decades isn't global worming but rather somthing more hostile and dangerous than we could have ever imagened?

Black Friday Boycott Call – Shopping or Not?

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Should we all boycott Black Friday?


2019-09-12 13:29:55

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Black Friday Marriage Therapy - Jenny in the Mall

Jenny and Laura, a wife and a mistress that share the same rich man, as a part of their gratitude therapy, go in the mall on Black Friday to sho as average citizens. Surprise awaits!

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Black Friday Marriage Therapy - Jenny at the Psychiatrist

Black Friday art brings us a list of tales about Jenny. She is a handsome lady married for a rich, not so handsome businessman. Besides bad, they share psychiatrist and chronic unsatisfaction with life that they treat with spending money…

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